Let's Make It Better
Our Process

We start by asking questions that get to the heart of what you need to accomplish with your software.

Then we formalize your answers into people-friendly User Stories.


We create diagnostic tests based on your user stories. It's kind of like teaching a computer how to use your software.

Party Time!

Everything you want working is done! You can now use your shiny new system, or you can ask for additional improvements as inspiration strikes.

... rinse and repeat. You get a useful result quickly, and it only gets better over time.

Read on below to see why that's awesome.

User Stories

We've found time and time again that breaking down a system into user stories is a fantastic way to work. Clients get a clear understanding their desires, and we get a good idea of what the software should do.

A User Story describes exactly one task, and comes in three parts:

Who is doing the task?
What they want to get done?
How do they accomplish it?

As a (role)

So that I can (goal)

I want to (action)

Blogger writes blog

As a Blogger

So that I can record my thoughts and opinions

I want to write a blog post

Blogger publishes blog

As a Blogger

So that I can share my blog post

I want to publish a blog post

Behaviour Driven

Once we have user stories, we use them to construct automated tests. We do this for:

Automated tests give us a common understanding and you get what you want.
Waste not want not - no extra effort or cost for unnecessary work
To err is human, and we're human. Tests solidify our original intent and protect against breakage.
Tests double as system knowledge, and knowing is half the battle when we come back later to augment.
It's normal to think of new awesome features, or changes to existing ones. Tests let us tailor quickly and fearlessly, no matter when you want it.

You wouldn't trust a doctor who never examines their patients, nor an accountant who doesn't double-check their sums. Why trust your business to software that isn't tested properly?

We test our software to protect your interests